ChildPrint ID Kit ®

ChildPrint ID Kit

With the support of and a donation from the New Paltz Police Benevolent Association (PBA), both the New Paltz Police Department and the New Paltz PBA are pleased to offer the ChildPrint ID Kit system to parents of small children free of charge.

The ChildPrint ID Kit® assists parents in easily creating a private and extremely comprehensive record of their child’s personal and medical information, for use in an emergency. When a child is missing, the first few hours are crucial to recovery. During this very emotional time, parents often search for current photos and cannot always remember their child’s most basic characteristics. ChildPrint® enables parents to immediately give police a complete and accurate description, saving precious time, and hastening the search. In addition, ChildPrint® includes two pages of important safety tips, because education is essential to helping kids avoid dangerous situations.

We hope you'll never have a missing child, but you'll feel more secure knowing you have ChildPrint® available, just in case.

ChildPrint ID Kits are available during any of the PBA's public events including The Taste of New Paltz, St. Joseph's Festa, th

e Annual Halloween Carnival and the Town's 4th of July Independence Day celebration. You can also pick up a kit at the New Paltz Police Department any time.


  • Comprehensively records a child's contact, personal, and medical information, as well as physical features like birthmarks and scars
  • Stores a 4" x 6" photograph
  • Contains a 10-finger fingerprint chart
  • Stores a DNA hair sample
  • Records dental information with charts for permanent and baby teeth
  • Includes 2 pages of valuable safety tips
ChildPrint ID Details
  1. Personal & Medical Information
  2. Physical Characteristics
  3. Child's photograph
  4. Child's fingerprints
  5. Child's dental records
  6. Child safety tips