The New Paltz Police Department is a full-time police department operating 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. We employ both full-time and part-time police officers (sworn personnel) and full-time and part-time dispatchers (civilian personnel).

Job applicants need to provide an information packet containing the following;(Job applications are not available at the New Paltz Police Department)

This application packet should be sent to;
New Paltz Police Department
83 South Putt Corners Road, Suite 1
New Paltz, NY 12561

***Please note*** Both full-time police officers and full-time dispatchers can only be hired off an approved Ulster County Civil Service list. You must take and pass an open competitive civil service exam to be placed on this list. For information on these examinations and a schedule of upcoming exams, click here.


Along with maintaining your name on the Police Officer Civil Service list, all police officer applicants (full-time or part-time) must successfully complete basic police officer training (commonly referred to as the "police academy.") Applicants can attend the police academy by being sponsored by a department that hires them or, on their own, can attend a unique program offered by SUNY's Ulster County Community College. This program allows civilians to attend the same official police academy training but limits you to about 75% of the curriculum. Upon successful completion, civilians receive a certificate stating they have passed part 1 of police academy training. The remaining 25% (part 2) can only be completed by sworn police officers that are hired and sponsored by a police department. The advantage in civilians completing part 1 of the police academy is that it makes you more "marketable" to a potential employer in that you have already received a majority of New York States required training. If you would like more information about this "pre-employment" training, click here to be brought to the New York State Division of Criminal Justice's website for more information. Remember, if you are seeking a full-time position, you must also take and pass Ulster County's Police Officer civil service exam.